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Big deal,

...i'm twelve too! The backgrounds were very ugly, you should not use thin lines for the background if you're using a fat brush for the characters. Also, you should make the characters blink. I'm not Spanish so no comment on the story...


Just couldn't get the song out of my head. Animation was average, but fitted the lyrics perfectly. Amusing


It was really touching, and one of the rare movies on NG that has a moral. The drawing was very well done, animation was a little choppy but that's ok. Narration could be in English though.

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Great, complex game!

I loved it! It was really interesting to see how his mood changes and his random actions.
Here are some tips:
Try every job until you find his "favourite job". He earns the fastest on his fav job.
If his energy is zero but he's not sleeping, send him to work and he'll return right away to take a nap.
There is a clue on the cell window.
Buy more donuts, they improve his mood and health.
The amount of 'respect' doesn't makes a difference, except he says random messages about how he doesn't respect you.
'work ethic' is redundant (it seems so to me).

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Walkthoruhg: last stage!

Here's adding on to RPG-ers very helpful walkthrough.

Lvl 7: move your mouse in a left and right direction repeatedly to get yourself to the top. game finished!

i loved the game! i was left to figure out how to play for myself, but that's what's fun about it. Fav'd, Five'd, Ten'd.

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Different and fun

it was unlike all of other games, with good graphics and gameplay. Fun and challenging.

A bug though, there's a single seed in the first row that won't be selected and won't move. it overlaps the new seeds, and the new seeds can't be selected as well.

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Love the whole song, especially the background vocals! What bugs me though, is the bass. Too much of it.

the vocals...

Yes, I have to say it's not the best singing. You could make it sound better by making the singing in the background and slightly muffled, like small speakers. That should hide the bad vocals and fit the mood as well.

The music was good though, i love the rhythm.

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks much. Much apprecitaed.


It's ten thousand times better than the Green Day version! Love the beat and bass in the background, the piano was smooth and flowing. Didn't really like the electronic guitar-sounding stuff that began at about 2:50.
Great piece, wish to hear more of your audio~

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Nightwasp responds:

Thanks! More of my audio can be heard on my user profile - go check it out!

Have a nice day.

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